Josh Jacobs

Director, Business Integration

Puget Sound Energy

How do we create a better energy future together?

It takes long-term vision and short-term action, partnerships and innovation. That’s what Puget Sound Energy is doing with its plan to reduce its carbon footprint 50 percent by 2040.

PSE is paving the way with a plan that covers three major areas: the transition from coal, new product and resource development, and cleaner transportation. PSE is committed to helping customers make a difference too—whether it’s simple steps in their daily lives to helping their business or community run more efficiently and use less energy.

Learn more about what’s happening and how you can be part of our better energy future.


Andy Wappler is vice president, Customer Operations & Communications.

Wappler leads the company's customer service, customer engagement, communications, community engagement, and strategic business intelligence teams. His groups are charged with coordinating customer/community outreach, enhancing our data capability, developing our customer service platform, and generating internal customer communications.

Wappler is also the chairman and president of the Puget Sound Energy Foundation, dedicated to promoting safety and emergency preparedness within PSE's service territory.

Wappler has a Master of Science degree in Journalism from the Medill School at Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honors in English from the University of Washington.

He is married and has two children.