Shawn Chandler

21-Jun-2018, 2:00-2:30PM

Using Blockchain in Energy Management

Shawn Chandler

Director of Utility Consulting Services

In this session, we explore technology-based strategies and solutions for developing distributed energy resources using transactive energy control methods, enhanced by blockchain technology. Transactive energy systems are relatively new economically based control systems that, when used effectively, can improve reliability and decrease utility costs of service and integrate the use of distributed energy resources. This session will explore challenges for the energy and energy-service provider in providing transactive services to the grid (including real power sales, reactive power support, and spinning reserve capacity), and how blockchain systems might help mitigate those challenges. A key technology for accomplishing this is the “smart contract,” which can provide a measure of autonomous management of grid systems. The session will also explore how blockchain-facilitated energy systems may serve the utility, customers, and energy solution providers as transactive resources that are flexible, easy to use, and can be applied under many different rate or compensatory structures.


Track: Advanced Technologies & Renewable Energy | Session: Alternative & Renewable Energy

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