Dalia El Tawy

08-Jun-2017, 10:30-11:00AM

4B- The Role of Combined Heat & Power (CHP) in Offering Resilient and Efficient Energy Solutions-Case Studies from Industrial and Commercial Applications

Dalia El Tawy

Sr. Marketing Manager

Combined heat and power (CHP) provides one of the most efficient and reliable solutions to support the power and steam needs for commercial and industrial applications. Rather than wasting exhaust heat, it is recovered and used for thermal or steam applications necessary for industrial processes. Efficiencies of CHP plants can exceed 80% resulting in an environmental friendly solution due to minimizing emissions. CHP plants can use different fuels including natural gas and biomass or traditionally wasted gases depending on the technology of the used prime mover. Industrial applications that have implemented CHP plants include manufacturing of pulp and paper, chemical products, textiles, food and beverage and other processes. This session will include an overview of case studies demonstrating the use of CHP in different applications in North America and Worldwide. The overview will include the background, business case, implementation process and lessons learned of each project. Further points will cover additional technically potential opportunities for CHP in industrial applications resulting in increasing efficiency and reliability as well as improving project economics for new plants or replacing aging equipment. CHP plants also play a critical role in the implementation of microgrids and integration with renewable power sources such as Solar PV and wind. A CHP plant is the backbone of a microgrid assuring reliable power when renewable sources are not available and storage solutions are not available or economical at the required scale. CHP plants are an enabler for more clean power solutions using proven technologies and economical solutions. As additional incentives and regulations support implementing microgrids and CHP plants, these solutions can expand nationally and internationally helping end users meet their manufacturing needs while minimizing impact on environment.

Track: 4- Advanced Technologies & Renewable Energy | Session: 4B- Microgrid/Distributed Generation

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