Andrew Yip

08-Jun-2017, 10:00-10:30AM

4B- DC Microgrids- The Future is Here!

Andrew Yip

Director- Business Development

Microgrids have captured the imaginations of innovators across the energy industry landscape. New and innovative technologies are constantly changing what is possible and re-defining the norm. One technology that is challenging an age old debate on an early tech rivalry, The Current War, is grid tied direct current (DC) microgrid technology. This technology is redefining how energy is generated and consumed proving to be a more attractive and innovative value proposition for commercial building owners than existing state of the art technologies. The DC microgrid lowers the cost of solar PV and energy storage ownership, improves building load efficiencies, and provides reliability and resiliency to these facilities. The DC microgrid approach promotes the penetration of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies to better serve emission reduction and zero net energy goals. Bosch has developed a novel DC microgrid system that uses onsite distributed generation such as solar PV and energy storage that directly connects to energy-efficient DC lighting, ventilation, and other loads via a 380 V nominal DC network. This system eliminates the use of AC/DC rectifiers at the loads and reduces the need for DC/AC inverters that are currently required to interconnect solar PV to the electric utility. The reduction in power conversion equipment eliminates frequent points of failure in the system making the overall system more efficient and reliable and reduces maintenance costs. Resiliency is provided by connecting critical DC loads during grid outages directly with the generation sources on the DC network, without requiring expensive transfer switch equipment. Key takeaways from this presentation will include an understanding of: (1) DC microgrid market potential; (2) multi-perspective value propositions offered by a DC microgrid; (3) lessons learned from Bosch’s deployment of DC microgrids; and (4) potential alignment of customer preferences with DC microgrid benefits.

Track: 4- Advanced Technologies & Renewable Energy | Session: 4B- Microgrid/Distributed Generation

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