James Dodenhoff

20-Jun-2018, 2:30-3:00PM

Utility Microgrids: Why Robust Control Solutions are the Key to Advanced Microgrid Functionality

James Dodenhoff

Regional Director, Business Development, Western U.S.

The guiding nervous system for an advanced Microgrid is its control system. Yet, these microgrid control systems are very new and unfamiliar to many utility decision makers, technologists, and planners. How are utilities to choose microgrid control systems that will work for an initial microgrid project, but which will also provide a solid platform for the addition of future microgrids? What makes a system scalable? What type of cost/benefit analysis is appropriate when considering microgrid control systems? The authors will draw upon their actual project experience in Microgrid project work and the key factors that concern utilities. They will highlight how value is extracted by controlling the multiple asset layers within a Microgrid with the following areas being presented in detail: • Optimizing electricity flows through control and communication across Distributed Energy Resources (DER’s), loads, distribution infrastructure, utility interconnects, and utility enterprise resource programs (ERP) • Scalability and flexibility: within one microgrid, and as a platform for future microgrid development across a utility service territory • Cybersecurity of a robust microgrid control system: what this means, what risks this mitigates, and why this strengthens the entire electricity grid • Solutions that are proven, solutions that last, and solutions that can be monitored, maintained, and enhanced over time to satisfy changing requirements The goal of this presentation is to arm utility decision makers with a much greater understanding of microgrid control system technology. This, in turn, should provide them with greater confidence that the significant resource investment in microgrids will be rewarded with optimal functionality---now and in the future.

















Track: 4- Advanced Technologies & Renewable Energy | Session: 4A- The Future Of Energy Storage

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