Willem Lange

20-Jun-2018, 3:30-4:00PM

Challenge Driven Solutions

Willem Lange

Director of Utility Marketing
WaterFurnace International



Coast Energy Management Congress

Utilities face daunting challenges never anticipated in the early days of the electrical grid. The new challenges require innovative solutions to sustain a thriving and robust industry. Large scale deployment of geothermal heat pumps provides a reliable and proven answer.

Extreme summer peaking and renewable integration have created what some experts call the “death spiral” for electrical providers. Thermal grids and geothermal heat pumps seamlessly integrate renewable energy into the grid while “geo-neighborhoods” of only 300 homes deliver megawatt scale peak load reductions.

Those same neighborhoods with heat pumps eliminate the on-site burning of fossil fuels all year and convert those demands to electrification. In the process of heating, cooling, and delivering hot water for homeowners, geo heat pumps deliver renewable energy 24/7/365 and keep it on the backside of the meter.

Given the 50% or greater efficiency gains and 100+ year fuel certainty that comes with a geo heat pump, electrical providers have the opportunity to own the underground infrastructure with its recurring revenue stream for generations to come.




Track: 4- Advanced Technologies & Renewable Energy | Session: 4A- The Future Of Energy Storage

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