Sriram Emani

20-Jun-2018, 3:00-3:30PM

Energy Storage with a focus on hybrid micro-grids

Sriram Emani

Vice President of Operations
Younicos Inc.

Energy storage has proven its value in grid-scale applications, helping integrate renewables, boost grid flexibility, and reduce the use of fossil-based power plants. With the rapid decrease in battery and solar PV prices, combined with easy-to-deploy “storage-in-a-box” system options, energy storage is now becoming increasingly attractive for commercial and industrial (C&I) uses. Depending on factors such as a facility’s location, utility rates and electrical load, energy storage can be an ideal solution for C&I users to manage energy usage, cut energy bills, integrate renewables and improve resiliency. The benefits are numerous: cleaner energy production; demand charge reduction; provision of ancillary services such as frequency regulation; maximizing time-of-use electricity rates; and backup power. Recognizing this significant opportunity, building managers and C&I energy users are turning to technology suppliers for proven, financially feasible solutions. At the same time, the storage industry is transitioning from demonstration and niche projects to repeatable, predictable offerings that deliver clearly defined performance with every implementation. The challenge is this: how can building energy storage solutions become “productized”? The need for productization goes beyond individual equipment components, such as battery technology. Productization must comprise the entirety of a storage solution and the service it provides to the user; that is, performing certain energy management functions on the system over an extended period. One example is the way storage is being integrated with other system elements and elegantly packaged into “plug-and-play” options. The declining costs and improving energy density of battery racks have led suppliers to develop designs that optimize battery performance, leading to new storage opportunities. This presentation will examine the use of storage in the C&I market: the requirements, options, applications, benefits, and results.





Track: 4- Advanced Technologies & Renewable Energy | Session: 4A- The Future Of Energy Storage

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