David Van Holde, P.E., C.E.M., C.M.V.P.

20-Jun-2018, 2:30 - 3:00PM

The Green Machine: Saving Energy, Money and the Atmosphere Using CHP in Commercial Greenhouses - an Honest Win-Win-Win

David Van Holde, P.E., C.E.M., C.M.V.P.

Director, DOE NW CHP TAP
Washington State University Energy Program

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) offers an environmentally attractive and cost-effective supply of electricity and heat energy to the burgeoning year-round greenhouse farming industries. Extended-season greenhouses are typically energy intensive, requiring both heat (or cooling) for the crop enclosure and electricity for lighting to extend growing seasons. This has made such farming expensive and causes considerably greater environmental impacts than planting crops seasonally outside. Using ultra-clean combustion engines of various types available to drive power generation and provide heat (or cooling), it is now possible to actually capture some of the carbon dioxide emissions resulting from combustion directly and also increase plant growth, by directing the exhaust from the power plant into the greenhouse where plants benefit from increased CO2 in the contained atmosphere. The presentation provides a survey of the state of the art of CHP methods in greenhouse agriculture, including a number of case studies of successful installations currently in operation.







Track: 3- Trends in Energy Efficiency | Session: 3A- Indoor Horticulture- Care, Feeding, and KWhrs

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