Thane Miller

07-Jun-2017, 2:30 - 3:00PM

3A- The Journey Towards Net Zero Maintenance Headquarters

Thane Miller

Program Manager- Facilities Planning
Bonneville Power Administration

The Journey Towards Net Zero Energy Maintenance Headquarters” is a storied overview of one agency’s efforts to develop a pragmatic facilities redevelopment program that balances environmentally sensitive design with a cost conscious approach.Highlights include the overview of initial planning efforts to develop a robust and strategic approach to replace aging infrastructure with modern, sustainable, and collaborative work environments, and the journey towards the implementation of those plans.Early challenges and key learnings will be discussed to review how they informed enacted processes put in place to avoid future recurrence.The session will culminate with a brief case study highlighting a current construction effort that will mark the first iteration of a next zero facility with the agency.







Track: 3- Trends in Energy Efficiency | Session: 3A- To Efficiency and Beyond!

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