Jim Kelsey, P.E.

21-Jun-2018, 10:30 - 11:00AM

Paving the Way for Easier Energy Audit Transfer with BuildingSync

Jim Kelsey, P.E.

kW Engineering

BuildingSync might just be the first major advance in how we report energy audit results in a long time. BuildingSync promises to change the way we report energy audits by focusing on developing a language, rather than developing a tool. BuildingSync is an XML Schema, a standard language for commercial building energy audit data that software developers can use to exchange data between audit tools.

Those of us who’ve been doing energy audits for their whole careers have seen a lot of attempts to make the energy audit process more streamlined or automated. And most of those efforts have resulted in making things more cumbersome, rather than easier. In order to be cost effective on site, an energy auditor needs the flexibility to dig into details where opportunities are present, and skip over details where they aren’t. So that valuable time on site needs to be focused on the intersection of the needs and opportunities in that building, not blindly collecting enough data to model the whole building on day 1.

The speaker will discuss how BuildingSync offers this flexibility, and how recent updates to Commercial Building Energy Audit Standards are working to make the communication of energy audit data more efficient.




Track: 3- Trends in Energy Efficiency | Session: 3B- How New IT is Changing Energy Efficiency: Continuous Commissioning and Energy Auditing

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