Len Beyea, C.E.M., C.B.C.P., E.B.C.P., H.B.D.P., B.E.A.P, LEED AP

07-Jun-2017, 3:30 - 4:00PM

3A- Choosing the Best Path to Energy Efficiency for Complex Systems

Len Beyea, C.E.M., C.B.C.P., E.B.C.P., H.B.D.P., B.E.A.P, LEED AP

The Resource Academy

HVAC and process systems almost always present significant opportunities for efficiency improvement, but often energy auditors and building operators are faced with multiple mutually exclusive options that interact with other systems, alter operating conditions, bring different economic returns, or affect occupant experience. Why do widely recommended efficiency upgrades sometimes have unintended consequences? When does the choice of the fastest payback measure preclude subsequent adoption of measures with much greater savings and only marginally longer payback? When do interactions between safety and energy use in critical systems require secondary measures to ensure savings are successfully realized? In this interactive workshop, the presenter will provide scenarios based on his 30+ years of energy auditing and retro-commissioning experience to enable participants to define solutions in small teams based on a range of operational, organizational, and economic criteria. Exercises are structured to be fun learning experiences where there is no “right” answer, and participants gain clarity as to how project criteria and system parameters result in different solutions.

Track: 3- Trends in Energy Efficiency | Session: 3A- To Efficiency and Beyond!

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