Kathleen Judd

07-Jun-2017, 2:00 - 2:30PM

3A-Rock the Watt: Lessons Learned From a Conservation Campaign at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Kathleen Judd

Technical Group Manager, Building Energy Systems
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

This presentation will report lessons learned and results from the Rock‐the‐Watt energy conservation campaign that was implemented in both offices and laboratories at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington. The study was based on the Federal Energy Management Program’s Institutional Change principles and involved more than 1000 occupants in 14 buildings, 14 building‐level volunteers, and facilities and operations personnel. Program design included basic feedback loops between occupants, operators and building-level “sustainability champions”. The results describe the kinds of energy conservation and efficiency actions identified and the impact of these actions. The presentation will outline strategies to plan, implement, measure and evaluate energy conservation campaigns as well methods for fostering operator-occupant feedback loops. Target audiences include facility managers, energy managers, outreach and communications personnel, and others responsible for sustainable building operations.



Track: 3- Trends in Energy Efficiency | Session: 3A- To Efficiency and Beyond!

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