John Avina, C.E.M., B.E.P., C.M.V.P., C.S.DP., C.E.A., CxA

20-Jun-2018, 3:00-3:30

You Can't Look at Utility Bills without Looking at Weather Too

John Avina, C.E.M., B.E.P., C.M.V.P., C.S.DP., C.E.A., CxA

Abraxas Energy Consulting

This is a very entertaining and also challenging talk. I have given it a few times. The point of the talk is that if you just use utility bills, and try to make some assumptions about building energy usage, you are missing at least half of the story. It is like wearing green sunglasses and not noticing the green things in front of you. In this talk we look at bills the traditional way, just bills and dates, and then we look at the same set of bills using weather, and we see a totally different picture, and come up with different assumptions about building energy usage. I will also cover a real life example of a performance contract that was poorly documented, where they had a $1M shortfall, and wanted to know what happened. We were able to pinpoint where the changes happened, and the types of changes that happened. By the end of the session, attendees will be able to as well. If time permits, I will explain how weather normalization works.


Track: 2- High Performance & Green Buildings | Session: 2A- Solving the Problem of Quantifying Efficiency

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