Chris Saltz

07-Jun-2017, 3:00 - 3:30PM

2A- The Autonomous Driving Building

Chris Saltz

Managing Principal
FIX Consulting LLC

Architects now "virtually" walk clients through buildings before breaking ground. Virtual design has led to the first 3D printed office building. Intelligent building systems are being connected to the cloud. And building staff is rapidly being replaced with virtual operators and "artificial intelligence", with continuous commissioning building automation becoming standard rather than optional. Sound like a science fiction movie? It's not. Which technologies are leading edge, and which are bleeding edge? How will you know when to make facility technology investments? Are you concerned your competitors will get there first? How aware are you of the disruptive technologies already making waves in commercial and institutional buildings? The inflection point is here. This presentation will cover strategies for organizations to overcome the obstacles in the design & construction industry that inhibit technology adoption (from designing and installing various building systems in disparate silos, to overcoming the challenges of proprietary building automation protocols). It’s never been more important to include a smart building technology consultant on the team. The pace of change is furious. Advances in technology, M&A activity, rapid cost reductions, and many other issues can all be addressed by a knowledgeable technology consultant. Not just to make your projects cost less, but to illuminate new revenues through the high expectations of the technology-savvy building occupant. This futurist presentation will cover many new and exciting technology-based interactive experiences that are being currently used or are in development.

Track: 2- High Performance & Green Buildings | Session: 2A- Using Data to Achieve High Performance: The Evolving Role of Data Analytics for Intelligent Buildings

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