Eric Mazzi, Ph.D, C.E.M.,

20-Jun-2018, 3:30 - 4:00PM

Hard Data from Soft Interventions: A Case Study of M&V for Behavior Change Energy Savings in Six Healthcare Facilities

Eric Mazzi, Ph.D, C.E.M.,

Mazzi Consulting Services

Hard data from soft interventions: a case study of M&V for behavior change energy savings in six healthcare facilities

The Carolina Healthcare Systemis in the first phase of its pilot program, Energy Connect, designed to save energy through behavior change interventions that encourage building operators to detect and act on energy inefficiencies within the buildings they are responsible for. Energy Connect is undergoing rigorous evaluation utilizing qualitative and quantitative data to assess the effectiveness of the program. This article describes the measurement and verification (M&V) plan and preliminary results for the six pilot facilities guided by an Option C approach from the international performance measurement and verification protocol (IPMVP). The M&V plan including baseline data and analytical methods will be presented. The post-intervention period runs through the end of 2018, though preliminary energy savings results will be presented.




Track: 2- High Performance & Green Buildings | Session: 2A- Solving the Problem of Quantifying Efficiency

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