Jim Perich-Anderson, MPA

20-Jun-2018, 2:30 - 3:00PM

From Rough Waters to Smooth Sailings: Using M&V to Launch an Innovative Program

Jim Perich-Anderson, MPA

Senior Market Analyst, Energy Efficiency Evaluation
Puget Sound Energy

In 2012 PSE introduced the Air Sealing and Insulation in Multifamily Buildings Pilot Program. While air sealing had performed well in single family applications, there was not yet an accepted savings value for this new application. This pilot was designed to address several barriers to quantifying efficiency; 1) lack of information on air sealing performance in this new application; 2) potential variability in delivery of the application; and 3) the unavoidable lag in receiving the post-treatment, post-heating season energy use data used to quantify program efficiency.

To document program performance, PSE engaged DNV GL evaluation staff in developing a protocol for test-in and test-out of air flow for all treated apartment units. While this protocol did not directly quantify energy savings, the volume and frequency of data was valuable in identifying contractor performance issues, and identifying performance improvement tied to follow-on contractor training and QC protocols. Perhaps most important, through statistical analysis of pre-post air flow test results, this protocol could potentially serve forecasting program level energy savings.

In 2014, PSE evaluation staff requested that DNV GL investigate whether 1) a statistically valid sampling protocol could reduce or replace the costly and cumbersome testing; and 2) whether pre - and post- air sealing results could be used to forecast program savings at 90/10 confidence and precision levels.

In response DNV GL enhanced their program savings calculator. By incorporating more recent data on air flow test results with billing data, the calculator established annual savings of 612 kWh per multifamily unit at the desired confidence and precision. This enabled PSE to move the program out of pilot status in 2017.

This presentation will cover the program’s history, lessons and future.



Track: 2- High Performance & Green Buildings | Session: 2A- Solving the Problem of Quantifying Efficiency

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