Chris Olmsted

21-Jun-2018, 9:00 - 9:30AM

Analytics & Efficiency in the Real World

Chris Olmsted

Project Developer
ATS Automation

In the first 3 to 4 years of operation, “building performances typically deteriorate as much as 30%.” [Holness, G. V. (2009, August). Sustaining Our Future By Rebuilding Our Past. ASHRAE Journal, 16-21.] Completed in 2014, Block 44 is a 395,000 ft² Class A, LEED Platinum certified office building located in Seattle’s South Lake Union technology hub. Though Block 44 was new, the building operators knew that setpoint and sequence modifications, manual system overrides, tenant activity, deferred maintenance, and space-use changes leads to operational drift within the building automation system (BAS) and ultimately inefficient building performance. Wanting to ensure like-new building operation was maintained, the facility team turned to a data-driven analytics approach. The facility team deployed an ongoing machine-based commissioning service to identify building performance issues and inefficiencies. The team began holding monthly system operation and building performance reviews to discuss operational deficiencies and develop a path for improvement. By combining an extensive library of automated analytics and fault detection with facility operations expertise, the team proactively identified system inefficiencies and solutions that would not have been detected during normal day-to-day maintenance activities. This approach moved the facility team from a traditional O&M approach to one of continuous facility improvement, driven by data. The software identified thousands of mechanical and control system operational faults that lead to building performance deterioration. By cataloging and prioritizing system faults for correction, cumulative system runtime was reduced by 35,000 hours in the first year. Even with rising occupancy, and the tendency for building performance to deteriorate as much as 30% in the first few years, the total energy consumption was reduced by 6% in the first year.
Track: 2- High Performance & Green Buildings | Session: 2B- Making the Case for Building Energy Management

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