Tracking Energy Savings: California's Law AB-802

08-Jun-2017, 2:00-4:00PM

1C- Panel Discussion

Tracking Energy Savings: California's Law AB-802


California's law AB-802 changes the way we measure energy efficiency savings to consider normalized metered energy consumption and calls on the CPUC to support pay-for-performance programs where feasible. All four of the investor owned utilities in California proposed programs to move forward with this new directive. Several of the proposed programs target the commercial sector and each includes an embedded evaluation measurement and verification approach based on normalized metered energy consumption to define savings. The pilot programs may have far-reaching effects in enabling energy efficiency procurement by using smart meter data to quantify both time of savings and location as a distributed energy resource.


Christie Torok, Regulatory Analyst, California Public Utilities Commission

Shawn Fife, Non-Residential Program Manager, Southern California Gas

Athena Besa, Manager, San Diego Gas & Electric: 

Jeff Guild, Director, Enovity

Darcy P. Otis, Director, Analytics and Fault Detection, Siemens Building Technologies

Track: 1- Policy, Trends & Local Initiatives | Session: 1C- Energy Efficiency Programs

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