Daniel Tunnicliff

07-Jun-2017, 2:00-2:30PM

1A- DER Deployment Trends: Utility Embracing Local Generation to Support the Grid

Daniel Tunnicliff

Principal Manager
Southern California Edison

This presentation will demonstrate how Distributed Energy Resources (DER) are trending across SCE's service territory, and how SCE is responding to a shift to new local generation.

Distributed Energy Resources are growing as consumers become producers. This discussion will review how consumers are selecting to participate with the grid as they evolve into "prosumers." What are the Distributed Energy Resources that are being selected and how are prosumers using them? Are the diverse and competing drivers of sustainability, reliability, and economic gain different to the utility? Can these assets provide a benefit to the grid while being maximized to support prosumer need?

This discussion will review how DERs are interacting with today's grid and how the utility's programs and tariffs are supporting DERs. We will dive into program offerings and tariffs that are designed for and utilized by DER prosumers. We will also look at how the utility is trying to leverage DER use instead of traditional wires investments. Lastly, we will discuss how SCE's participation in the DER Incentive Pilot Program could shape the future of DERs.

This presentation is designed to explain how the newly permanent Research and Development Tax Credit is used as a tool by engineering and design firms to allow for experimentation with new energy technologies and design methods. We will discuss how equipment manufacturers developing new or improved technologies use the credit to relay the risks associated with innovation. We will also explain how designers and end-users that incorporate these new technologies and methods into their processes can ease the initial cost of implementation by using the tax credit. We will provide different strategies created by the legislative update for companies at all stages of the technology chain to use this credit to make their product or process more effective, and case studies which show these successes.

















Track: 1- Policy, Trends & Local Initiatives | Session: 1A- Incentives & Financing

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