Carmen Best

08-Jun-2017, 2:00 - 4:00PM

Chair for Session 1C

Carmen Best

Independent Energy Efficiency Advisor

Carmen Best is currently an independent advisor in the field of energy efficiency.Her background includes eight years at the California Public Utilities Commission where she led the Energy Efficiency Commercial Programs & Evaluation team and served as an analyst. She focused heavily on the core elements of evaluation inputs and outputs, specifically standardized data and reporting. She was also responsible for prioritization, planning and execution of California’s energy efficiency evaluation portfolio. Carmen has seen the value of accurate, timely and relevant information in support of sustainable resource planning. Carmen holds a masters degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison were she was introduced to the world of energy efficiency.Her long-term perspective on climate change is grounded in a Geology degree from the University of North Dakota.



Track: 1: Policy, Trends & Local Initiatives | Session: 1C: Energy Efficiency Programs

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