Brooke Tucker

21-Jun-2018, 10:00 - 10:30AM

Utah's All-of-the-Above Approach to Energy Incentives & Financing Programs

Brooke Tucker

Senior Project Manager
Utah Governor's Office of Energy Development

Brooke Kimball Tucker currently serves as Senior Project Manager at the Utah Governor's Office of Energy Development (OED). In this role, Ms. Tucker oversees OED's job creation efforts throughout the state, which utilize incentive and financing programs as economic development and job creation tools. Ms. Tucker also engages in a number of policy issues, including tax incentive legislation, federal regulations, and Western grid regionalization. Prior to her current position, Ms. Tucker was a Policy Analyst at Energy Strategies, LLC, where she focused on transmission planning and energy policy issues. Ms. Tucker holds a bachelor's degree in Strategic Communication from the University of Utah.


Energy impacts Utah’s quality of life in many ways. Affordable energy helps maintain a lower cost of living, allowing Utah’s residents and businesses to have more flexibility in their budgets for spending, investing and saving. Additionally, energy and minerals production can continue to provide abundant opportunities for jobs and economic development in the state, especially in many of Utah’s rural communities.

As Utah’s population is set to double by 2050, our energy demands will increase. The Governor’s Office of Energy Development (OED) holds that even with Utah’s expected growth, clean air, water, and other important state environmental goals can be achieved alongside state goals for advancing responsible energy and minerals development.

To that end, the State of Utah has developed and implemented a suite of market-based incentives and financing programs to drive investment in innovation and infrastructure that support the overall economy.


Track: 1- Policy, Trends & Local Initiatives | Session: 1B- Green States: Saving Energy through Incentive & Financing Programs

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