Western Lighting & Energy Controls

Western Lighting & Energy Controls is focused on providing solutions for Lighting and Lighting Controls and our people are passionate problem solvers. Whether you are working with our team in San Diego, Los Angeles, or Orange County, there is a seamless steadiness in the Western approach. The consistency in the way our team approaches lighting and control projects is what sets us apart. Our clients come to rely on our expertise and they trust that our solutions will build, modernize and manage any size project with solutions that are based on product knowledge and innovation. At Western, we choose the product lines we believe to be the best, we become experts on our chosen brands and in doing so, are better able to serve our customers in a way that achieved maximum growth and success. Western is committed to offering responsive service and innovative products to professionals in the lighting and energy control industry. Clients can trust that we are providing appropriate product solutions that will ensure the most successful and efficient outcome for each project we touch

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