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Welcome to Nidec Industrial Automation and Nidec Electric Motors Nidec Industrial Automation produces the M Series VFDs specifically the M200 and H300 VFDs for the HVAC Industry. The M200 is a simple drive designed for maximum stability of induction motors of all powers. The H300 has embedded building automation communications BACnet, Metasys N2 and Modbus RTU as standard. Both VFDs are available in N1, N12, N3R and N4X packaged drives with bypass if required. Nidec Electric Motors produces NEMA Premium efficient motors that are EISA compliant. Nidec’s NEMA Premium motors can significantly reduce your energy usage and costs-offering fast payback and long- term operating costs savings. Combining Nidec Industrial Automation VFDs with Nidec’s NEMA Premium efficiency motors gives YOU a Win-Win situation. Please stop by Booth 511 for more information.

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