Logic Beach Incorporated

Since 1986, Logic Beach has been innovating, designing and manufacturing portable, permanent and remote site data acquisition, data logging and reporting/alarming instruments. Programmed with our intuitive icon-based HyperWare-II software, our instruments are extremely flexible yet quick to configure and deploy. Instruments are available for building, chiller, HVAC, and Compressed Air System audits, sub-metering and Measurement and Verification studies. Additionally, our instruments are employed worldwide for equipment troubleshooting and remote equipment health monitoring and alarming. Remote communications and status/alarm reporting is supported via LAN, Internet, cell phone, and PSTN modem. Stand alone, remote site or factory floor battery powered systems are also available. Additionally, we offer sensors and transducers used in conjunction with our line of data logging systems including air mass flow sensors, pressure sensors, power meters, temperature sensors and more.

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