Present an Exhibit Hall Workshop

Expand your company's presence by giving a workshop presentation on the show floor.

Workshops are intended to be non-commercial / non-political in nature. Seating is available on a first come first served basis and workshops are presented at no additional cost. These short 15-20 minute presentations are designed to help attendees understand the latest developments from our industry. All confterence and expo visitors can attend either of the two workshop presentation areas conveniently located in the exhibit hall. View current schedule here.

Additional Information

Distribution of Printed Workshop Papers

Presenter has the option to distribute pre-printed copies of his/her paper within the workshop presentation area.

VIP Seating

A limited amount of VIP seating will be made available for invited guests of presenters. Presenter must notify the Workshop Program Manager of this special request to ensure availability.


AEE does not guarantee to workshop presenters any specific attendance number for these sessions.

Audio & Visual Equipment

AEE will provide a laptop, screen and audio system. Exhibitor is responsible for sending Workshop Program Manager their power point presentation at least two weeks prior to event. NOTE: Internet is not available in workshop presentation area.


Workshop sessions are on a timed schedule, and it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to adhere to this schedule. Failure to do so may result in loss of the opportunity to present the scheduled workshop.

Exhibitor Information

Selection Process & Requirements

Each presentation is limited to 15-20 minutes. Since workshop presentation space is limited, assignments will be made on the following criteria:

Current Exhibitor - Only current exhibiting companies who have already reserved booth space and paid a 50% booth fee deposit will be considered as candidates to make workshop presentations.

Submitted Date - Priority is given to early submissions and the date the abstract is received. You may submit online using the web form below, or mail your abstract to:

Jennifer DeBold, Workshop Program Manager
   (770) 279-4391

Subject Matter- All abstracts will be reviewed for relevant contant and quality, and decisions by AEE Programs review committee are final.

Participating exhibitor agrees to hold harmless AEE, show host, sponsors and its contractors with regard to any issue arising from or relevant to the exhibitor's presentation in the exhibit hall.